* Wilson-Babb focuses on natural products to ensure maximum comfort and durability.

Many upholstery shops will offer you a variety of goods and services – huge fabric selections, design consultation, window treatments and even auto and boat upholstery. At Wilson-Babb we consider these extras a distraction from what we do best- fine bench-made custom upholstered furniture.  Our custom  creations include all styles of chairs, sofas, ottomans, headboards, and pillows.

Wilson-Babb’s concentration on the craft of upholstery allows us to focus on the details and create a truly unique furniture for your home or office. You specify the details – arms, legs and dimensions. We’ll even custom fit the chair to your desires, creating not only a custom look but a feel tailored specifically to you.

Furniture shopping at a traditional retailer begins with showroom samples or perhaps a catalog. At Wilson-Babb your furniture begins simply with an idea. A photo, sketch of a concept, or a match of a cherished heirloom- from here anything is possible.

Fine furniture is about more than look. Feel and comfort are equal factors in the creation of fine upholstered furniture. We believe so firmly in the importance of feel that we create our own feather down blends to assure maximum cushion comfort. We also believe that custom furniture should fit its owner like finely tailored clothes.

Wilson-Babb offers custom fittings for custom creations. Before a piece is covered we check to confirm a cushion’s thickness and density to fit the needs of its owner, affording the customer not only their desired look, but also desired feel.


  1. I have a Bergere chair and ottoman that I want to get upholstered. You used to have a feature on this site where you could send you a picture and get a quote. What happened to that? I can’t find it anywhere. Or, am I just overlooking it?


    1. We will be happy to submit an estimate for labor. Will you please send a photograph to

      We do not sell fabric but can give a yardage estimate if you have a fabric picked out and can supply fabric width and repeat pattern.


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